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Helea brand philosophy

When we started thinking about helea brand we wanted to build a symbol that could encapsulate a variety of symbolisms, be simple and straightforward, and recognizable by all people. A symbol that could deliver in the best possible way our philosophy and our client proposition.

The main message we wanted to bring across, was the importance of olive oil for our health. We also wanted to highlight the deep roots of olive oil in the culture, the everyday life and the history of the Greek people. At helea we believe that olive oil has the taste of life: sometimes it is sweet, and sometimes it is bitter.

Working on this philosophy with 2yolk, our branding agency, we discovered that if you turn upside down two drops of olive oil and merge them partly, you get a heart outline, while the merged part looks like an olive leaf. When we saw this symbol we realizef that this was exactly what we were looking for. The final design was made solely from circles to further symbolize the connection of olive oil to the circle of life. Then we studied all the colors one can find on an olive tree under the Greek sky and used only them on our logo. Finally, we decided to use blue color wherever we used the word Greek, to underline the origin of olives and olive oil.

What we want to build through helea is not just another olive oil. We want to spread an olive oil related culture to the world. We want to share our beliefs about olive oil and about life. Because, after all, olive oil tastes like life.

"HELEA how life tastes".