discover how life tastes

Have you ever wondered how life tastes? At Helea we believe that life tastes more or less like olive oil. There are times that it is sweet and soft, and times that it is bitter and intense. All the balance of life concentrated in a drop from the fruit of the holy ancient Greek tree. Balance, purity, selectivity, and above all, well-being. Come join us to discover how life tastes with Helea!

who we are

Life and nature are all about balance and so is Helea, a balanced partnership of three young entrepreneurs who are at the same time parents, businessmen and, above all, olive oil enthusiasts.

George, with a strong background in branding, package design, and marketing is the man behind the heart!

Vaggelis, our link with olive oil tradition and modern know-how is the man behind our unique operating model!

Michael, with a strong background in finance, strategy, and management consulting is the man behind the numbers!

Despite our diverse backgrounds we have come to share a common passion for healthy living, tasty nutrition and the need to balance the modern hectic lifestyle in the big cities with the ability to slow down and experience small moments of everyday joy.

Thus Helea was born through the desire to source the unspoiled product of the Hellenic land tailored to your unique needs.

our philosophy

Our mission is to help you improve the quality of your everyday life through the introduction of high quality olive products and especially olive oil in your daily routine. We strive to offer you the best consumer experience: health and nutritional benefits, taste and aromas of the ingredients, practicality and minimal modern design of the packaging are some of the things we focus on.

Products are designed and developed according to your different needs and taste preferences. For example, not everyone can enjoy a very intense olive oil that is especially bitter or pungent. In our first year of operation we decided to start with a premium quality extra virgin olive that is balanced enough so that it can be enjoyed by most people. Read more on our product page

To deliver on our promise, we source our ingredients from carefully selected producers through a rigorous yet simple 2-step process: First, with the help of our network of experts we shortlist producers based on a number of quality criteria. Second, our experts taste and analyze dozens of top-quality olive oils, out of which only the best make it into Helea’s bottles and end-up on your table.

our people

We take pride in our expert partners network that consists of chemists, production consultants, and certified tasters. They form the backbone of Helea’s unique selection methodology. Their passion, expertise and life long experience is one of the elements that differentiate Helea and guarantee that we will deliver on our promise to source only the best from each year’s production.

We choose to source from producers that meet our high quality standards and embrace our philosophy. At the same time we think of them as partners rather than suppliers, reward them with premium prices for their exquisite products, and publicly acknowledge our collaboration. You can read more on this on our products page.

We do business only with olive mills and packaging plants that comply with the highest quality, health & safety standards, and are ISO and HACCP certified. Helea olive oil is produced by olives that are hand picked, first cold pressed within a few hours, stored in stainless tanks, and eventually bottled in protective atmosphere to ensure top quality of the end product.