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All over the world there are over 1000 varieties of olives. Each variety has its own character that can vary from year to year, within the same region or even within the same crop due to several factors. That makes olive oil a unique product!

We are certain that you will enjoy Helea olive products more if you learn how to recognize their quality and character, thus eventually becoming a connoisseur. Imagine a tasting ritual similar to wine that will reveal the secrets of olive oil to your palate.

Furthermore, keep in mind that when tasting olive oil, it is like tasting over 4000 years of history, myths, and symbolisms that were born in Greece and spread around the world until our days.

how to enjoy

Olive oil can accompany all your gastronomic explorations through unlimited combinations and recipes. You can add it to a fresh vegetable salad in order to highlight its aromas. It is ideal and healthy during cooking but you can also add it when you serve your meal. A few drops add a unique flavor to a piece of grilled meat or fish.

If you want to indulge the real taste of olive oil you should do it the way the original producers in the traditional oil mills have been doing it for thousands of years. Simply dip a piece of bread or a rusk in it and let your palate enjoy the fruity aroma and the light bitterness from the antioxidants, let your tongue experience the smooth peppery feeling and the oil’s pungency in your throat.

At Helea we would urge you to take your bottle of extra virgin olive oil out of your kitchen’s cabinet, place it on the center of your family’s dinner table and use it in ways you may have never even imagined. We have done our best to design elegant yet minimal and handy packaging for our products to allow them to find their prominent place in your dining room.

for connoisseurs

According to the International Olive Council extra virgin olive oils must meet chemical and organoleptic standards. At Helea we set even higher standards that guarantee the exceptional quality of our products. Let us show you how to use your senses to verify this yourself.

Starting with the visual experience, we have placed our product in a high quality clear glass container to allow you to appreciate its color. Olive oil color, although not an organoleptic characteristic, can tell us a lot about the olive oil we are tasting. Look for dark green/gold color as a typical sign of a high quality olive oil.

Premium olive oils stand out thanks to their aromas and flavor. Pour a small amount into a small wine glass. Hold the glass and cover it. Swirl the oil to release its aroma. Close your eyes, uncover and inhale. Aromas indicative of extraordinary olive oils can vary depending on their origin: grass, almond, lemon, orange, or even aromatic herbs like chamomile and basil. Slurp a small amount of oil and spread it throughout your mouth to savor every nuance of flavor. You should recognize elements of fruity, bitter and/or pungent flavor in a premium extra virgin olive oil. Finish by swallowing the oil and noticing the sensation that leaves in your throat.

culture and history

In Greece olive oil is inextricably connected with our history and lives. We find it in all aspects of our everyday lives, from eating and cooking to worshipping and its roots can be traced back to the Greek mythology.

The first wild olive tree was planted in ancient Olympia by Hercules after completing his twelve labors. It was with a wreath of this same olive tree that he crowned his brother when he won a race, as a symbol of victory and honor. Since then, winners of the Olympic Games were crowned with an olive wreath. The calm olive tree was offered by the goddess of wisdom, Athena, to the city of Athens when she claimed the protection of the city against god Poseidon. So it became a symbol of wisdom. When Xerxes burned Athens in 480 BC, the following day the burnt olive tree on the Acropolis rock threw a sprout thus becoming a symbol of rebirth and hope. Even in modern times the olive tree retains a highly symbolic meaning globally. It is no coincidence that we encounter it as a symbol of peace and unity even in the logo of the United Nations.

At Helea we encourage you to embrace the sacred values that accompany the olive tree by introducing its products in your life.