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An internationally awarded extra virgin olive oil of excellent texture, rich aromatic character, and moderately spicy taste. It comes from Koroneiki variety, a superior quality cultivar grown for thousand years in Greece.

According to published research from the University of Athens, olive oils sourced from this particular producer have more than triple polyphenol content than the average extra virgin olive oil and the highest ever registered in Greece. Read more on our blog.

This olive oil has enough intensity for connoisseurs to indulge themselves, while its balance and texture make it easy to eat for everyone. Try it uncooked on top of a slice of bread, as a salad topping, or as a flavor enhancer in grilled meat, fish or vegetables.

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A mild extra virgin olive oil of superior quality and low acidity. It is produced from the indigenous to Greece Koroneiki variety through cold extraction and solely by mechanical means. Its light aroma and subtle taste make it attractive to all palates. It’s ideal for fine food lovers who are seeking to introduce olive oil into their everyday life.

Try it as a salad topping, a flavor enhancer in grilled meat, fish or vegetables or as a healthy alternative to replace all other cooking oils and fats.

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Carefully handpicked olives from trees grown in selected Messinian groves, the world-known Kalamon variety are ripened by the sun, tempered by the salty sea breeze and cured in a secret-recipe brine, giving them rich and fruity taste and juicy flesh.

At Helea, we pick for you only the premium-sized (Colossal) Kalamon olives and seal them in extra virgin olive oil to preserve their freshness and flavor.

Add them to your Mediterranean salad or enjoy them as a healthy and nutritious snack any time of the day, ideally accompanied by a glass of wine.

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Olive spread produced straight from the celebrated Kalamon olives, by removing the pit, crushing them solely by mechanical means and topping off the resulting paste with Helea extra virgin olive oil.

Spread on thin bread and serve as an entrée to impress your guests or add it to your sandwich to enjoy as a healthy snack.